"Bitcoin is not a company. It is not an organisation. It is a standard or a protocol just like TCP/IP or the Internet. It is not owned by anyone. It operates by simple mathamatical rules that everyone that participates in the network agrees on. Through this simple mechanism, through this invention of Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin is able to allow a completely decentralised network of computers to agree on what transactions have occurred on a network, essentially agreeing on who currently has ownership."*

* 'The Internet of Money' by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

We too believe the future for bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is enormous especially in bringing banking style options to the world. It is a truly peer to peer medium of exchange of value.

Our seminars and one on one sessions will assist you in setting up your bitcoin and cryptocurrency digital wallets, exchange trading accounts, security options and phone apps to help you navigate around this exciting and evolving space.

We get you set up correctly and provide one on one education and support to take away the confusion commonly encountered by anyone getting into these evolving markets.

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"Bitcoin is digital money, but it's much more than that. Saying bitcoin is digital money is like saying the internet is a fancy telephone. It's like saying that the internet is all about email. Money is just the first application.

Bitcoin is a technology, it is a currency, and it is an international network of payments and exchange that is completely decentralised. It doesn't rely on banks. It doesn'y rely on governments."*

"Approximately 1 billion people currently have access to banking, credit, and international finance capabilities—primarily the upper classes, the Western nations. Six and a half billion people on this planet have no connection to the world of money. They operate in cash-based societies with very little access to international resources. They don’t need banks . Two billion of these people are already on the internt . With a simple application download, they can immediately become participants in an international economy, using an international currency that can be transmitted anywhere with small fees and no government controls. They can connect to a world of international finance that is completely peer-to-peer. Bitcoin is the money of the people."*

* 'The Internet of Money' by Andreas M. Antonopoulos *


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You can set up your own account and start buying and trading Bitcoin with the links provided on our Buying & Trading Digital Currency page.

You need to deal with reputable companies and learn how to properly set up and use Digital Wallets, Exchange Trading Accounts, keeping your Cold Storage Funds and much more.

A WORD OF WARNING - whilst you can set up to buy and trade by yourself, there are many traps and scams that can cause new entrants into the market to lose their money either by hacking or simply setting up and securing their accounts incorrectly.

We strongly advise you consider the service and back up we offer to get you started, so as not to make the costly mistakes many have made before you in trying to get into these markets without assistance and back up support.

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